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We're passionate about blinds in Carlisle

We're passionate about bringing quality blinds & shutters to your home
Our Philosophy

​​We've always believed that if you purchase made to measure blinds, you should get great value for money, where-ever possible we buy british componants from british companies and we manufacture our own blinds Carlisle. We keep your money in the local economy, we believe in keeping things local, but making things better than the rest.

Our Passion

Blinds are our passion, making them better than anyone else, providing a service that is better than the rest, we keep our customers through a mix of quality blinds, great service and keeping our promise to look after your investment. 

You just have to visit our factory and showroom to see that we consistantly strive to be better, by investing in our business of Blinds Carlisle

Our Vision

Our vision is clear, to be the very first port of call for anyone in Carlisle wanting to furnish their windows, we want every customer of ours to be a fan, to recommend our service to their friends and tell people that a Carlisle company is heading the field when it comes to blinds. you just have to check our facebook page to see, we're on the way.

Our sister company Penrith Blinds,

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Our sister company Hexham Blinds,

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Our sister company Finesse Blinds,

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Our Best Spring Offer

amazing deal for our customers

To start the the new season off with a bang, we're giving away thousands of blinds.

You buy 2 blinds off us, we'll fit them FREE and we'll give you a third blind absolutely FREE. Our Prices are so low anyway, you'll be amazed at the prices for Blinds Carlisle

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